Our priority is monitoring the health of your pet through regular check-ups, required and lifestyle vaccinations, diet recommendations, and bloodwork from starting from adolescence into adulthood and senior life.

We can walk your through vaccinations from puppy/kitten boosters, annual vaccines, lifestyle vaccines, and more! Our doctors take the time to do a head-to-tail examiniation which includes heart rate, teeth, eyes, ears, joints, and skin.

A large component of preventative care is proactively screening labwork values. Abnormalities seen in routine bloodwork can help us address health concerns as soon as possible.

It's the law

Rabies is a fatal—and preventable—disease that can be spread to humans by contact with saliva, so it’s mandatory in all 50 US states. Your veterinarian is bound by law to give your dog a rabies vaccine to protect you as well as your pet; if an unvaccinated dog is scratched or bitten by a wild animal, it can lead to your pet being quarantined or euthanized. Learn the specifics about the rabies laws in your state at rabiesaware.org.


Our veterinarians will ask you questions about your dog’s lifestyle, environment, and travel to help tailor the perfect vaccination plan for him. We uses factors such as whether your dog visits dog parks, groomers, competes in dog shows, swims in freshwater lakes, or lives on converted farmland to develop your dog’s individualized vaccination plan.